Whether you're new to the world of motorcycles or an experienced rider looking to enhance your skills, Ride Chicago motorcycle and scooter riding school offers instruction designed to suit your needs.

Ride Chicago has two locations and offers motorcycle licensing classes and driving lessons seven days a week.

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Basic Motorcycle Licensing Class

This is our most popular class! No experience or motorcycle is needed as everything is provided including a helmet, gloves, and a motorcycle. This course covers a wide array of motorcycling skills over two days of instruction starting with the basics and ending with a practice run of the license test. We have Chicago motorcycle riding and west suburbs motorcycle riding programs. Many insurance companies offer discounts if you have completed our class! Successful completion of this course will allow you to participate in one of our Onsite Licensing sessions on a separate day. Ride Chicago has the largest training site in the city and there’s free street parking at all locations.

  • Hours of training

    14 to 16

  • Limited Class Size

    6 to 11 students

  • You provide

    M-Class Permit, Long denim pants.
    Long sleeve shirt/jacket.
    Over the ankle boots/shoes.
    Water and snacks encouraged

What You Will Learn:
  • Controls

  • U Turns

  • Shifting

  • Lane Changes and Group Riding

  • Braking Techniques

  • Avoiding Road Hazards

  • Swerving and other Quick Maneuvers

  • Weather Conditions

  • Advanced Turning Techniques

  • Practicing for the State Test

  • Counter steering

  • And Much More!

Scooter Classes

All students must obtain a Motorcycle Permit from the Secretary of State by passing a $10, 15 question written test before taking a class. Out of state students may participate in our class with a valid Motorcycle Permit from their home state but Motorcycle Licensing is only available to IL residents.

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Onsite Licensing

Onsite Licensing tests for our graduates are held every Wednesday at our Damen Location in Chicago and select Thursdays at Toyota Park Location in Bridgeview, IL. Successful training completion with Ride Chicago and Registration is required! Please check our schedule for exact dates. (can we link to just the Onsite Licensing Dates once the filter functionality is complete?)

Onsite Licensing

Available to Basic Licensing Class, Scooter Class, and Private Motorcycle Lesson Graduates only. A motorcycle or scooter, helmet, and gloves are provided.

*Unfortunately, there is no testing in the rain

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Scooter Classes

Scooter Class

Scooters are a cool and fun economical source of transportation! We offer a complete, one day 5-hour Chicago Scooter Class to get you moving safely. This course is all hands on and will also prepare you for the M Class License test. You must have a valid M Class Permit from your local Secretary of State’s office prior to attending your riding session. This M Class Permit will allow you to test for an M License with us on a separate Onsite Licensing session for $45. (link to it?)

A Scooter, helmet, and gloves are provided!
More Scooter Info

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Intermediate Motorcycle Training

This class is for licensed riders looking to take their riding to the next level! Now that you know the basics, attend an Intermediate Training Class and master your machine! Our Intermediate Motorcycle Training Class emphasizes skills necessary for the streets. Come increase your confidence and control for everyday street situations. All styles of motorcycles are welcome and space is extremely limited! Students must have a motorcycle & a valid M license to participate in this course.

Scooter Classes
  • What You Will Learn:
  • Smoother, More Defensive Riding

  • Emergency Braking Techniques

  • Advanced Shifting Techniques (clutchless and speed shifting)

  • Body Steering

  • Counter steering and peg scraping

  • Advanced Swerving

  • Limited Space Maneuvers

  • Cornering and Apexes

  • Throttle Blipping

Private Motorcycle Lessons

Have a busy schedule? Private Motorcycle Lessons are available! Come take a private, one on one class with one of our instructors at a time convenient for you. You can work on anything you’d like from the basics to fine tuning a specific skill. $65/hour - 2 hour Minimum. For EXPERIENCED riders looking to get M licensed, you can qualify to participate in our Onsite Licensing Program ($45) with us after a minimum 2 hour private lesson.

Scooter Classes

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DMV TESTING (Off site)

Just need your M License? We offer experienced riders a DMV Licensing Option for $150. Our instructor will meet you at the Chicago North DMV Location at 5401 N Elston Ave Chicago, IL 60631 at a time convenient for you.
A motorcycle or scooter is provided; Honda Nighhawk 250cc or Genuine Buddy 170cc. A brief warm up and then test. Each test can take up to 3 hours depending on the day.

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Chicago Driving School

Start your automobile driving with Ride Chicago! We offer Chicago driving lessons for both teens and adults. Lessons are scheduled when it's convenient for you. Package discounts available! 773 878 7433

Scooter Classes 773-878-7433